About Better World Spirits

Who is Better World Spirits?

Better World Spirits’ canned cocktails will be produced in Pennsylvania. Whether having grown up or migrated here, everyone on our team feels a strong sense of belonging and is proud to call Pennsylvania “home”.

That’s why we want to give back – to support our communities and our neighbors. While the specific options are still being weighed, our commitment and involvement will yield tangible benefits. We look forward to making the world a better place, one toast at a time.

Canned cocktails are relatively new to the hard beverage market. The consumer’s choices are mostly limited to malt-based concoctions of familiar varieties such as root beer. Better World Spirits’ offerings will be true artisanal-recipe drinks that are blended with vodka in unique and refreshing flavors, and packaged in special 12-ounce cans that are convenient and environment-friendly.

Are you a Kindred Spirit? Join BWS in creating a better world!

3 Types of Cocktails

Our Manifesto



we are better world spirits. we are fresh artisanal cocktails produced locally. we are reviving the spirit of the whiskey rebellion. we know that we make a positive impact in the world. we support the honey bee population to create a healthier world. we believe everyone is virtuous. we believe in liberty and independence for all. we are free spirits. we are driven by purpose not profit. we are devoted to complete transparency and believe in a holistic approach to business. we consciously strive to create happiness every day with our words and deeds. we genuinely believe that diversity is the keystone to creating a more equitable and just world. we are building a better world one toast at a time! we are kindred spirits. cheers!

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