Better World for All

A Purpose Driven Business

BWS is driven by the belief that there is a higher purpose for business then profit and therefore has formed as a benefit corporation. BWS believes that a corporation can make a profit and reduce environmental impact and eventually have a positive effect on Mother Earth. BWS believes that social justice issues must be addressed in order to create a more equitable society for all individuals.

Current business models and frameworks are a product of capital-driven, hierarchical organizations and are failing to create the disruptive innovation needed to address many of the challenges we face today.  They are mechanistic, treating employees as replaceable cogs; in return many employees are neither happy nor fully engaged.

BWS goals are to contribute to progress towards creating a better future for all. BWS believes a different organization is needed to build effective product-services which serve society and Mother Earth. Simply put a company which can create these will be a more successful business.

BWS will be values-driven with a systems-thinking, holistic understanding of its purpose and impact. Hierarchical management will be replaced with self-organized, self-managed teams which adapt flexibly to changing circumstances to achieve the organization’s purpose whilst adhering to its values. BWS derives its purpose from fulfilling a valuable function for the community, not from blindly serving the narrow needs of just one stakeholder group. BWS aspires to describe the next stage in the evolution of human consciousness.

BWS will be a soulful workplace where our full-range of talents is nurtured and our deepest aspirations are honored, and bring a holistic understanding of human and team psychology making it possible to consciously create community and foster empathic communication resulting in better collaboration, a more effective organization and increased happiness, fitting in with the basic human drive for fairness, a more humane way to work together.

What does the world want from BWS and what does BWS want from the world?

BWS asks you to join in creating a Better World for Mother Earth and all future generations who will inhabit this great planet.

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